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MBA : Reading an Academic Article

MBA Program - Master of Business Administration, with special thanks to Dr. Doris Van Kampen-Breit.

Trade vs. Popular Journals and Additional Resources

How to Effectively Read an Academic Article

When reading an academic article, read the title, abstract (summary), and conclusions.

If the article is relevant to your topic, read the entire article.

The following is from  "The Art of reading a journal article: Methodically and effectively" by RV Subramanyam:

  1. Title: Topic and information about the authors.

  2. Abstract: Brief overview of the article.

  3. Introduction: Background information and statement of the research hypothesis.

  4. Methods: Details of how the study was conducted, procedures followed, instruments used and variables measured.

  5. Results: All the data of the study along with figures, tables and/or graphs.

  6. Discussion/Conclusion: The interpretation of the results and implications of the study; also suggestions for further research. 

  7. References/Bibliography: Citations of sources from where the information was obtained.

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Source: Subramanyam, R. V. (2013). Art of reading a journal article: Methodically and effectively. Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology, 17(1), 65. 

To read this article, click here.