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HON 250: Humanistic Tradition: Home

Library Instruction Session, October 30, 2013; October 29, 2014

E-Lion Course Description for HON250

Students read and discuss important works by diverse authors spanning the broad period from Renaissance through Enlightenment.

Essays, poetry, drama, novels, and philosophical writings are explored for their contribution to the revival of
the arts and letters and as evidence of a renewed interest in humankind as the
center of creation.

Assignment Parameters

1.Three peer-reviewed sources (books, ebooks, journal articles, ejournal articles) - two of the three sources should be written within the last 20 years!!

2. MLA sources should be fine, however, some will not be appropriate: Notes and Queries, English Language Notes, and Explicator.

3. Do not use Book Reviews as your source article, but use them to find outstanding books (and then search in the library catalog for the books).

4. You need time: order via ILL/drive down to USF?

Final Presentation

Here is the Final Presentation Assignment for HON250 (Fall 2014).

Fall 2014 Student Topics

New! Fall 2014 - Student Topics

"Renaissance Man" Leonardo da Vinci

Modern-Day Versions of Machiavellian Leaders

Hamlet and the Slaying of Polonius 

Fall 2013 - Student Topics

Renaissance Art   

Epistemological Shifts   


Women: Petrarch to Shakespeare   


Humanism in Art in the Renaissance


Costumes -- Masks for Hamlet

Hitler -- Castiglione and Machiavelli

Boccaccio creative project

Disney References to Renaissance

Machiavelli and Modern Politics

Supernatural and Renaissance

Subject Guide

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Carol Moon
Professor Carol Ann Moon
Reference and Instructional Outreach Librarian
Saint Leo University
Daniel A. Cannon Memorial Library
33701 S.R. 52,
Saint Leo, FL 33574

Need Help Writing an Annotated Bibliography?

Correct MLA Style

Writing Help is located at Cannon Library in Human form in the persons of Angel Jimenez and John David Harding! But if you are in a pickle and need some perfect MLA at midnight, try OWL!


Please refer to your syllabus for Course and Library Information.