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School of Business Recommendations: Apps

iPhone Apps

Android Apps

Apps for business news

Business Insider

Real-time news, analysis, and original commentary with deep verticals in technology, finance, Wall Street, strategy, politics, and more.


Huffington Post

The wildly popular news site now on the Android. 



Synchronize with your Google Reader RSS to receive the same feeds from popular business content providers on your mobile device.



Allows the user to build a mosaic of news stories on their mobile device. Read or store articles for later. Link to news feeds from content providers such as Inc. Magazine, MSNBC Business, Business Insider, Forbes Money Builder, and Huffington Post Business.


Thomson Reuters News Pro

Access professional-grade news and market data from Thomson Reuters, the world’s leading source for intelligent information for businesses and professionals.


The Wall Street Journal

Get information normally available in the print edition including “What’s News, Opinion, Marketplace, Money & Investing.”



Library Research Apps