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HON 150: Honors 150: Important resources, links and readings


What is an Archetype? According to Jung, an archetype is  "archetypes are  inborn tendencies which shape the human behavior".  

A clear discussion of the hero archetype as described by Joseph Campbell can be found in this book review of the Call of the Wild.

Need a faithful retelling of a myth?

King Agamemnon

The King Agamemnon, directed by Tony Harrison, (1983). Additional portions of this play can be found at the Daily Motion.

External Readings and links

The Golden Bough by Sir James George Frazier

The Metamorphosis by Ovid, 1 A.C.E. Translated by Sir Samuel Garth, John Dryden, et al

Electra Myth


Its all Greek to Me! 2009 LibGuide for Honors 150

An earlier LibGuide for HON150. MANY useful resources!! Please review!