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HON 150: Honors 150: Highlights from the Syllabus


Late Work:  Late work will be penalized by a one-letter grade cut for each day an assignment is due.

Grading Scale

  • A=95-100
  • A- = 94-90
  • B+=89-88
  • B=87-85
  • B-= 84-80
  • C+=79-78
  • C=77-75
  • C=77-75
  • D+=69-68

  • D=67-60

  • F=59 and below


Academic Honesty: We place a high value on truth and the pursuit of knowledge. Be honest in every phase of your academic life! Submit work only which is genuinely yours.

Note on Self-Plagiarism: Students must do original writing for this course. Papers submitted for other courses, including work submitted at other schools, is not acceptable and will be considered self-plagiarism.


Your contribution on a regular basis in class discussions is essential. Participation is defined as your reflection on the assigned readings and class discussion and may include some impromptu in-class papers or other brief in-class activities. Final grades may be lowered as a result of insufficient participation in class.

Classroom Etiquette

If your conduct during class discussions seriously disrupts the atmosphere of mutual respect I expect in this class, you will be asked to leave class. Similarly, if you make or take cell phone calls, fall asleep in class, work on non-class related material, or otherwise disrupt class through verbal or nonverbal expressions, you will be asked to leave.


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