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HON 150: Honors 150: Research Paper

Research Paper

You will write a brief, 5-7 page, formal research paper from selected topics given in class. The paper must use MLA documentation style and acceptable scholarly sources.

MLA Style Manual and Guide

Writing Help

Research Paper Details

Deadline 11/28/2011

Suggested timeline for completing paper

  • September: locate your scholarly research articles, read and take notes
  • October: complete rough draft, and bibliography
  • Ask for a review, or seek help from either the LRC or Angel Jimenez, Instructor of research and writing, Daniel A. Cannon Memorial library
  • November: complete your rewrite, submit completed paper
  • (Of course, you could do all this in a week or two, but we realize you do have other classes)

Help for your research and writing

The faculty librarians at the Daniel A. Cannon Memorial Library should be your best friends when it comes time to research or write your paper.

  • Get help locating peer reviewed articles on your topic
  • Need some ideas for narrowing your topic? Just Ask. (800) 359-5945
  • Feel like your paper could use another set of eyes? The library now has a writing instructor available!


Print Journals on the Classical Worlds of Greece and Rome

Here is just a sampling of some of the journal titles that we have at the Cannon Memorial Library that have articles about Classical Greece and Rome!

Have I got books for you!

Reference Books are some of the most useful sources to students and scholars, and unfortunately some of the least used!