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ENG 122: Muslim Immigration in the United Kingdom (Templeton): Citation Help

This LibGuide will help you use the resources available through the Cannon Memorial Library to research your topic and create a successful works cited page.

How do I cite my resources?

Click on the provided links for help with ACS, APA, MLA, or Chicago citation styles:

The MLA Handbook

Citation help information is available by clicking on the links listed in the "Citation Help" box to the left, but remember that we also have several copies of the MLA Handbook on reserve at the circulation desk. These copies cannot be checked out, but you are free to get one from the desk and use it in the library for as long as you need it. The handbook provides examples of sources ranging from newspaper articles to interviews to scholarly journal articles to television advertisements (and everything in between). If you aren't sure how to cite a particular type of resource, pick up a copy of the handbook and you'll be able to find an example to follow.

*The MLA Handbook is now in its 7th edition. The newest version is blue with purple accents. If you have the older edition (#6), be aware that certain formats have changed. These changes are reflected in EasyBib and on the OWL website.

Citing Newspaper Articles in MLA Format

Newspapers articles may be cited in running text ("As Dan Bilefsky noted in a New York Times article on January 11, 2008, ...") instead of in a note or an in-text citation, and they are commonly omitted from a bibliography or reference list as well.  The following examples show the more formal versions of the citations.


MLA Citation Style (2009)

Parenthetical: (Bilefsky A9)

Works Cited:


Bilefsky, Dan. "U.S. and Germany Plan to Recognize Kosovo." New York Times

            11 Jan. 2008 final ed.: A9. Print


Bilefsky, Dan. "U.S. and Germany Plan to Recognize Kosovo." New York Times

            11 Jan. 2008 final ed.: A9. Newsbank America's Newspapers. Web.

            17 Sept. 2009.


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