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ENG 122: Muslim Immigration in the United Kingdom (Templeton): Assignment Description

This LibGuide will help you use the resources available through the Cannon Memorial Library to research your topic and create a successful works cited page.

Research Paper Topic

The recent influx of Muslims into the United Kingdom is having an effect on the attitudes, beliefs, and prejudices of British citizens. Understanding how and why these particular immigrants are having such an effect on British society can help us understand our own prejudices, beliefs, and concerns, and can enable us to find ways of interacting with immigrants here in the United States that lead to more effective, harmonious relationships with other Americans. It is important that we not only understand how Western society sees Muslims, but also how Muslims perceive Western society. Bridging this gap will encourage better communication and respect for individuals and ethnic groups.


Specific Assignment Criteria

Now that you have seen the You Tube piece on Muslims "invading" Britain (the Pat Condell video) and read the written response by your instructor's friend, you need to think about your opinion on the matter and find some sources that can help you think about the issue from several perspectives.

Your assignment is due on Tuesday, Feb. 16th, so you have plenty of time to find the number of sources required; in fact, once our session ends today, you can use the time remaining to locate, access, and print out some useful articles.

Evaluating Web Resources

When using the internet to find information, it is important to evaluate the information that you discover before using it to support your positions. Use the acronym CAARP to ask yourself the questions that you need to consider in order to determine whether a website is a good source of information. Also, follow your instructor's directions regarding the use of internet sites--she is the one grading your work, so make sure you adhere to her instructions!!!!!


Currency: Is the material current or up-to-date? Can you find a copyright or "last updated" date on the site that indicates someone is making changes to the information as things change?

Authority: Does the website have a creator or author? It's good to know who is responsible for the creation of the website, and whether that person is an expert in the field. If an author is listed, is there information about her or his degrees and affiliation? If this information is not available, think about whether the website is legitimate.

Accuracy: Is the information presented accurate? You might have to check by verifying it somewhere else....

Relevance: Is the information relevant to your assignment? Sounds kind of stupid, but make sure that you are using information that somehow relates to your position and to the issue you are discussing.

Purpose: Why was the website created? Is the author trying to convince you of something? is there bias? Bias doesn't mean the information is incorrect or that you shouldn't use it; just make sure you're aware of the bias and that you can address the issue from the other side as well in order to counter the lack of objectivity.

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