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ENG 121: Aiken: Reading Presentation Instructions



Discussion Leaders: Description and Assignments

As you know from your syllabus, you are assigned to a partner to present two readings during the course of the semester. Your task is to create an exercise or activity that will help your classmates further understand the essay at hand. You may do this in any number of ways; the only ‘activity’ that is off limits is assigning an in-class writing to take up your time or repeating verbatim the discussion questions from the book!


With your partner, you are responsible for no less than fifteen minutes of class. As the syllabus states, if you are absent on the day of your presentation, your partner will carry on without you and you will receive a ‘0’ for this component of your semester grade. If you need projection equipment for any reason, please let me know at least two days in advance. You may lead a large group activity, divide the class into small groups and assign questions, or find another way to create an engaging, dynamic atmosphere. Partners have been assigned alphabetically; you will be given the opportunity to choose your essays in class. Please let me know where you have questions.


Reading Presentations: 15 minutes each, divided up in this way: 2-3 minutes summary, 5 minutes background on author/ topic/ context, 1-2 minutes personal reflection (your opinions), 5 minutes class discussion (you provide the questions). Rehearse your presentation so you know how long it will take. Any presentation falling more than a minute short of 15 minutes will not earn full credit.