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Welcome to English 121! This LibGuides page will serve as our information hub this semester. Here you'll find links to our syllabus, daily schedule, and course updates.

Update: October 10

Hi everyone,

A few things to note as a result of today's fiasco:

  1. I've adjusted the Daily Schedule. Please check it for reading dates/ quizzes/ presentations. 
  2. Your second essay assignment is posted here under Writing Assignments tab. Check it out and get started. We will devote some class time to it on Monday, but you'll need to work on this one quite a bit since peer reviews (when your complete rough draft is due) are on Wednesday, 10/17.
  3. Your first essays are waiting for you on Please let me know if you can't find your grade. 
  4. Thank you for your patience! As a result of this extra time, I expect everyone to earn 100% on this test!

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