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ENG 121: Aiken: English 121 Presentation List

Presenters/ Dates

Week Day Date Presentations Readings due
1 W 22-Aug  
  F 24-Aug  "Salvation" due.
2 M 27-Aug "Antidisestablishmentarianism" due.
  W 29-Aug "Initiated into an Iban Tribe" due.
  F 31-Aug "West with the Night" due.
  W 5-Sep Matt and Andrew "Report from Ground Zero" and "Reflections in Westminster Abbey"  due.
  F 7-Sep "Niagara Falls" due. 
4 M 10-Sep "Nickel-and-Dimed"due.
  W 12-Sep "Moonlit Nights of Laughter" due.
  F 14-Sep "Pavlova" due.
5 M 17-Sep "The Lowest Animal" due.
  W 19-Sep "You Dirty Vole" due.
  F 21-Sep Pawel and Cole "The Haves and the Have-Nots" due.
6 M 24-Sep "Oversimulated Suburbia" due.
  W 26-Sep  
  F 28-Sep  Anet and Evelyn "Learning What Was Never Taught" due.
7 M 1-Oct  Ashleigh, John, and Austin "Thinking in Pictures" due.
  W 3-Oct   "'Speech Codes'" due.
  F 5-Oct  Shelby and Osmilda "The Language of Clothes" due. 
8 M 8-Oct  Cole and Pawel "The Pencil" due.
  W 10-Oct  Matt and Andrew "The Role of Religion" due.
  F 12-Oct  Michael and Austin  "Lifeboat Ethics" due.
9 M 15-Oct  Mark and Tim "It's Easy Being Green"due.
  W 17-Oct   "In Defense of Elitism" due.
  F 19-Oct   "Defining and Countering Terrorism" due.
10 M 22-Oct  Stormy and Katie "How to Write with Style" due.
  W 24-Oct   "To Make Them Stand in Fear" due.
  F 26-Oct   "How Not to Use the Fax and the Cellular Phone" due.
11 M 29-Oct   "Learning to Read and Write" and complete draft due. Bring AWG.
  W 31-Oct  Pawel/ John/ Trevor "The Perils of Obedience" due.
  F 2-Nov   online essay
12 M 5-Nov  Ashleigh, John, and Austin "How to Kill an Ocean"  due.
  W 7-Nov  Pawel/ John/ Trevor "How the Web Destroys" and complete draft due.
  F 9-Nov   "On Writing" due.
13 M 12-Nov  Austin and Michael "The Case for Torture"  due.
  W 14-Nov  OSmilda and Shelby "The Unwilled" due.
  F 16-Nov   NO CLASS
14 M 19-Nov Thanksgiving Break NO CLASS
  W 21-Nov Thanksgiving Break NO CLASS
  F 23-Nov Thanksgiving Break NO CLASS
15 M 26-Nov  Katie and Stormy "What I Saw at the Abortion"due.
  W 28-Nov  Tim and Mark "A Modest Proposal" due.
  F 30-Nov  Evelyn and Anet "I Have a Dream" due.
16 M 12/3 Last day of class
W 5-Dec