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HUS 340: Group Skills in the Human Services: Group Observation Paper

Group Skills for the Human Services explores the different stages of groups; group structures, organization, and examines the functions of groups. Students will learn about the different types of groups, their purpose, and ethical, multicultural issues.

Group Observation Paper

Instructions for Group Observation and Reaction Paper

  • Students will attend one community group meeting in a variety of settings such as Alcoholics Anonymous, PTA meeting, church meeting, local nonprofit Board meeting, support group, etc. (Instructors will have a list of local agencies that will allow students to observe groups in their commuities if needed.  Groups can be clinical, but do not have to be.) 
  • Students will then submit a Reaction Paper indicating their observations regarding Group Work theory. 
    • The student should identify the type of agency they have chosen to observe and the type of group observed. 
    • Students should maintain proper ethical considerations in both writing the paper and in their pre-professional behavior in the group. 
    • No identifying information about either the group leader or the names of members should be revealed in the paper.  Be aware of confidentiality.
  • In the critique of the group, indicate the following:
    • what strengths the leader possessed,
    • what skills were used,
    • what stage the group was in,
    • and what could have been done differently. 
  • Consider values and ethical issues. 
    • Did cultural issues arise? 
    • How were they handled? 
  • Special consideration should be given to roles group members played (identify what roles were observed). 
  • This scholarly paper should be typed, double-spaced, and referenced. 
    • Include the Corey text, additional texts on group work, legitimate Internet sources, and/or journal articles in the Social Sciences.
    • At least three (3) references are needed for an A paper. 
    • Paper should be five to six (5-6) pages in length, NOT including the title page and references page.  
    • Include a reference page. 
    • The paper must be written in APA style.
    • The paper will go through the Turnitin system after it is submitted.