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CRM 430: Correctional Systems: Journals

This course is designed to be a comprehensive overview of our government's response to convicted criminal offenders. The origins, evolution, processes, and current problems of correctional systems will be the topics of study. More specifically, the course

How do I find a journal article?

To find a journal article, click on Online Databases or see the "Online Databases" tab above.  If you cannot find the full text of an article in the database you are using, follow the steps below to locate the article:

Print Periodicals

Below is a list of print (hard copy) periodicals and journals that the library subscribes to.  These publications are located in the Periodicals Section of the Cannon Memorial Library on the main floor. Periodicals do not circulate and may only be used in the library. 

Corrections Today

Crime & Delinquency

Criminal Justice and Behavior

Criminal Justice Policy Review

Criminal Law Bulletin


FBI Law Enforcement

Federal Probation

Journal of Abnormal Psychology

Journal of Criminal Justice Education

Journal of Drug Issues

Journal of Forensic Psychology Practice

Justice Quarterly

On the Line