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DBA Program: Home

Library Business Resources

Top Business Journals by Research Rank

Journals used by the Financial Times to compile the research rank:

  1. Academy of Management Journal
  2. Academy of Management Review
  3. Accounting, Organizations and Society
  4. Administrative Science Quarterly
  5. American Economic Review
  6. Contemporary Accounting Research
  7. Econometrica
  8. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice
  9. Harvard Business Review
  10. Human Relations*
  11. Human Resource Management
  12. Information Systems Research
  13. Journal of Accounting and Economics
  14. Journal of Accounting Research
  15. Journal of Applied Psychology
  16. Journal of Business Ethics
  17. Journal of Business Venturing
  18. Journal of Consumer Psychology
  19. Journal of Consumer Research
  20. Journal of Finance
  21. Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis
  22. Journal of Financial Economics
  23. Journal of International Business Studies
  24. Journal of Management*
  25. Journal of Management Information Systems*
  26. Journal of Management Studies
  27.  Journal of Marketing
  28. Journal of Marketing Research
  29. Journal of Operations Management
  30. Journal of Political Economy

The DBA Program at Saint Leo University

The Doctorate of Business Administration

The D.B.A. is an advanced degree program that can provide you with the research, critical analysis, and application skills that will enable you to make intellectual contributions to your chosen field of business study.

D.B.A. program emphasizes:

  • Strong research skills and the ability to use critical thinking
  • Ability to identify and synthesize global implications of research
  • Ability to think critically about interrelated activities that occur in functional areas of accounting, economics, finance, marketing, project management, and statistics
  • Preparation for teaching careers
  • Excellence in consulting practices
  • An original and intellectual contribution to the field of management and/or business
  • Integration of Saint Leo’s core values into the dissertation process



For more information on the sequence and scope of courses, please see the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) webpage, which can be found here:


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