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Libraries Near Your Center: Libraries Near Your Center

Libraries near your center


University Library Services provides instruction, information resources, and services that are needed by students pursuing their education and seeking an understanding of themselves, their world, and their Creator. The Daniel A. Cannon Memorial Library faculty and support staff offer direct personal assistance to all students, whether on the University Campus, at Education Centers, or at the Center for Online Learning.

Our library web page offers remote access to the library's resources and services for off-campus students enrolled at Education Centers or the Center for Online Learning. The Daniel A. Cannon Memorial Library, University Library Services, also provides regional librarians for the Continuing Education Centers, as well as librarian's dedicated to serving the University's online program. Additionally, the Daniel A. Cannon Memorial Library establishes cooperative agreements with local libraries and host institutions for use of library resources by students enrolled in Saint Leo University Education Centers.

Library Card Reimbursement Policy
If you are a center or online student needing to use a local academic library with whom SLU does not have an agreement, you may purchase a community patron card and the library will reimburse you. Read the form carefully before purchasing one.

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