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After you and your partner have completed the worksheet, you will use Socrative to enter your answers to the question posed on the worksheet.

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Course Description: ENG122 Academic Writing II

A continuation of ENG121.  Expository writing based on analytical study of literary genres and an introduction to the research process.  To ensure competence in oral communications, a speech component is included.


Students will:

a.     Demonstrate proficiency in argumentation and expository writing, emphasizing content and mechanical skills.

b.     Improve critical skills through the analysis of selected literature.

c.     Practice speaking skills by means of an oral component.

d.     Gain an appreciation of literature through class discussion and lecture.

e.     Relate the literary works and their authors to one another and to their common heritage.

f .     Demonstrate proficiency in using library resources, taking notes, documenting sources accurately according to the Modern Language Association (MLA) guidelines, and incorporating source materials into a research paper.

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