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How do I synthesize?

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Your readings from the book

Week One & Two (Module 1)

  • Chapters 1-2 of your textbook

Family Identity

Week Three & Four (Module 2)

  • Mansfield, The Garden Party p. 368-78
  • Corso, Marriage, p. 392-5 (on reserve in the library)
  • Giovanni, Mothers, 396; Olds, I Go Back to May 1937, p. 401-2 (on reserve in the library)

Crime & Punishment Chapter 3: Analyzing Arguments p.28-44

Week Five & Six (Module 3)

Power & Responsibility

Week Seven  & Eight (Module 4)

Week 9 & 10 (Module 5) Individuality & Community

  • Alice Walker, Every day Use p 379-386 also on reserve in the library The Norton anthology of literature by women
  • Ernesto Quinonez, Bodega Dreams, p. 120-126
  • Dwight Okita, In Response to Executive Order 9066 (on reserve in the library) Unsettling America : an anthology of contemporary multicultural poetry
  • Emily Dickinson, Much Madness is Divinest Sense, p. 129 (on reserve in the library) The Norton anthology of literature by women
  • Joy Harjo, Everybody Has a Heartache p. 136-137 first poem in library ebook
  • Claude McKay, Outcast p. 139 (on reserve in the library) American Negro poetry
  • Shirley Jackson, The Lottery, p. 100-106 (on reserve in the library) The Norton anthology of literature by women

Week 11&12  Academic Honesty/Plagiarism



Learning Objectives for Library Session

Today's ENG 122 session was designed to introduce you to library resources that you will likely use when completing your research paper. As a result of today's session, you will:

-Formulate  searches using keywordsnatural language & controlled language (subject headings) appropriately

-Demonstrate proficiency using EBSCO to locate a scholarly article
-Create an MLA style citation (for Works Cited page)

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