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PED 315: Health Education: Weight Training

PED 315 Weight Training

This course introduces students to concepts and skills necessary for beginning an effective weight training routine. Students will explore basic sciences underlying weight training, including: muscle anatomy, body mechanics, body adaptations to exercise, weight training principles, and nutrition supporting physical activity. Students will also learn and practice techniques for performing weight training exercises in a safe and efficient manner, and will design a personalized training program to incorporate into an active and healthy lifestyle.

Marion Bowman Activity Center Room 2 and Weight Room

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 11:30-12:20


Brandy Pollicita

Instructor name: Brandy Pollicita, M.S.

Saint Leo e-mail:

Phone Number: 352-588-7037

Office hours: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

City: Saint Leo

State: FL


Saint Leo Course Instructor:

SLU 125 Choosing Wellness On Campus and Online

PED Health Education: Weight Training

SLU 101 First Year Experience

Time Zone: Eastern