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Library Outreach Events: Connie Braun

The Cannon Memorial Library's 2017-2018 Cultural Programming; Archive of 2010-2018

Due to Unforeseen Circumstances, the Reading by Connie T. Braun, Poet & Memoirist: Tuesday, March 7, 2017 in TECO Hall, School of Business Building (7:00 - 9:00 pm) IS CANCELLED.

ConnieConnie Braun

Connie Braun is a poet, memoirist, speaker and instructor. Connie has written and published many manuscripts of diverse genres including poetry, memoir, book reviews and academic papers; her work has been published in books, journals and anthologies. Her areas of interest and expertise include Mennonite Studies and Creative Writing. Connie writes on themes of family history, ethnicity, immigration/emigration, loss, (dis)placement and (dis)location. Her personal family research has culminated in rich poetry tracing her own roots, as well as in the writing of her books, The Steppes Are The Colour of Sepia published in 2008 by Ronsdale Press and Unspoken: An Inheritance of Words (2016). Connie speaks and gives readings and presentations to literary, historical, religious and writing groups and organizations, in addition to teaching Creative Writing in B.C., Canada. Connie has been Writer-in-Residence, regularly attends conferences and retreats, giving poetry readings and academic papers. In addition, she has completed a Master's in Fine Arts (MFA)(Creative Writing) from the University of British Columbia. Connie is married to Erwin and lives near her three children in the Vancouver area, as well as on the Okanagan lakeshore. She and Erwin travel frequently and are involved in multiple charitable endeavours and philanthropic projects.

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