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EDU 436: Teaching Writing Across the Curriculum: Searching for articles


EBSCO login Login using your SLU login ID and password.

Select EBSCO Academic Search, Educational Research, and ERIC.

1)     Begin your search by entering your key word(s) into the search box.  Check "peer reviewed" to eliminate non-peer reviewed journals.

      You may want to use expressions such as writing in ______  writing to learn in_____, ____ and writing across the curriculum, writing across the curriculum and ______”, "writing genres AND _____ AND middle school"  (plug in your area of specialization).

To eliminate older articles use the slider bar on the left and drag it to 2011

2)     Be sure to select only articles that provide useful information and strategies for your own classroom practice. Articles which are more than 15-20 pages are probably more focused on the research end and less on the practical side "action research" side; however, you do want articles that discuss what teaching models or theorhetical frameworks were used --


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