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Info Lit Training 2021 (GAs) Student Workers

Searching As Strategy

When you are shopping for an item, (a new pair of shoes that fit properly, a better car, a new laptop or tablet) there are actually a lot more things that go into the thought processes and considerations than one might consciously acknowledge.

A Better Car A New Computer "Best Shoes" New dog for the family
Reliability factors Speed Purpose of the shoe  (walking, running, work, special occasion, etc.) Peer reviewed v Popular magazines v Google
Gas mileage Storage Capacity Any foot issues? (high arch? flat feet?
pronation, bunions, achilles, etc)   Narrow? Wide?
"Best breeds" or "worst breeds"
Cost to purchase RAM importance of: stability, durabiltiy, looks Should any breed be banned from being owned by a family with small children?
Cost to maintain Reliability Cost  

In groups of 2, select one of the topics, above. Using the whiteboard, brainstorm 1. WHAT your criteria are for the topic, 2. WHERE you should look for information, THEN conduct a search using 1-2 resources. THEN determine how will you narrow your topic based on your search results. Share your results and thoughts with each other, using the Whiteboard, and then share with the group.

IN your group, DRAW a picture of how you went through this process.