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MBA 525 Professional Development: Company Crisis Assignment

Company Crisis - Group Project

From the Syllabus:  

Group Project

Each student, as part of a group (groups are determined by the instructor of record) are required to write a 15-page (minimum), double-spaced paper that analyzes a crisis that a company recently went through.  It should examine the leadership (how they addressed the crisis), communication plan surrounding the crisis (if there was none, provide one), and overall response to the crisis.

This project, as part of the communication plan, should analyze the company’s use (or lack thereof) of social media, web sites, blogs, press releases, media releases, press conferences, etc.  The paper is an academic paper following APA writing and citation guidelines. The paper includes a critical analysis of the relationship among different works (articles). You must use at least 10 scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles to build your project.

Some that have faced Challenges & Crisis (some examples, more will be added, please contact your professor and the librarians for help in finding information & research on these and others).  Please use the GREEN tabs above to utilize the online library materials.  

Restaurants-Dining        Industries                                 Colleges                    Other


Papa John's                              Pharmaceuticals (Tylenol - older ex)     Morris Brown                       Netflix

Chipotle                                     BP - Oil                                                  Univ. of Phoenix                  LiveNation-Astroworld 

Cracker Barrel                          Cyber/security breach                            Argosy University                 

Denny's                                     Volkswagen                                           Michigan State U

Paula Deen's                             Wells Fargo

Perdue Chicken                         Workplace violence resulting in death