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HUS 311 & 312 Methods of Social Research: Quantitative/Qualitative: Parts of a Research article

Research, defined & Parts

Empirical Research is investigation that is capable of being verified or disproved by systematic observation or experiment, clarity and precision are sought yet there is a tolerance for error


Empirical Research Studies are made up of distinct parts:

(Look for these parts when you are trying to find a journal article of empirical research)


I.   Abstract - summary

II.  Introduction – (may define terms, explain the purpose/importance of the study, even predict the outcome)

III. Literature Review – Brings together what others have done to research this same topic in the past

IV. Method/Methodology – the way that the investigation will take place  

V. Measurement – description of the test that will be administered or description of what will be noted in observation or description of survey/questionnaire, could be observational, could be interview, could be survey, could be test(qualitative AND/OR quantitative data)

VI. Results – results (data) of what was measured, tested, observed, interviewed, surveyed

VII. Discussion – Implications of the things that were discovered, limitations of the study, recommendations for future research on this same topic

VIII.  References


Need help finding an empirically researched journal article?