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HUS 311 & 312 Methods of Social Research: Quantitative/Qualitative: Searching for Quantitative & Qualitative peer reviewed journal articles

Searching Ebsco Collection of databases for Human Services journal articles

Depending on the instructions from your professor/written in your syllabus, and depending on your topic, or agency setting, or population served, you may want to search through several of the databases available in the Saint Leo Cannon Memorial Library.  As as starting point, though, the following are good ones from Ebsco to search together to find human services research:

Academic Search Complete 

Education Research Complete (contains the Journal of Human Services)

PsycInfo  You may Limit results by methodology [quantitative and/or qualitative]


Please read these brief instructions before logging into Ebsco below:

After Logging into Ebsco, FIRST!!! Select All Ebscohost Reference Databases, then check box these 4 SUBJECT databases listed alphabetically,

1) Academic REsearch Complete

2) Education Research Complete

3) Psycinfo

4) SocIndex, then after checkboxing all 4 of these scroll all the way to the top or bottom to click the yellow continue button to proceed with a search

Limiting A Search

1.  Do a Search in the PsycInfo Datababase

2.  When the results are given, scroll and see the option on the LEFT Hand side of the page to limit by METHODOLOGY



Videos Demonstrating How to Limit By Quantitative Or Qualitative Journal Articles !

Limiting a search to show Quantitative or Qualitative studies