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DCJ Program: Writing Your Dissertation

Library Resources in Criminal Justice

Selecting the right research tool

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Researching and Writing the Dissertation

The Literature Review this LibGuide will help you:

  • Understand what a literature review is
  • Develop a framework 
  • Ask the right questions 
  • Organize the literature review
  • Avoid some common mistakes

The Process:

The Process:

The doctoral candidate will be required to call upon the knowledge gathered throughout his or her preceding courses of doctoral studies to:

  • Prepare relevant research questions
  • Formulation of the foundational review of the existing literature
  • Propose his/her own research in a relevant field of study

Your dissertation proposal will consist of the first three Chapters of your dissertation. It will need to be approved. It will:

  • Display substantive knowledge in the field
  • Review the appropriate literature to provide the committee with accurate analysis and review of current theory and research in the field
  • Outline appropriate proposed qualitative and/or quantitative research techniques and statistical methods

Your completed dissertation will:

  • Consist of 5 Chapters
  • Be a written record of the research conducted for the dissertation, including the literature review, methodology, results, discussion, and conclusions
  • Be in keeping with guidance prescribed by the Institutional Review Board, University policy, College of Education & Social Services policy, and the rules of ethics
  • Emphasize social responsibility, innovation, and accountability to foster a new form of leadership focused on creating vibrant and sustainable organizations

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