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REL 123: The Parables of Mark's Gospel: Your Assignment

Themes in Mark's Gospel

There are several layers within Mark's Gospel

  • An introduction to the Teacher, the Miracles, and the Ministry of Jesus
    • Jesus's Mission was not simply focused on the Jews
    • His care, and commands to care, about others
  • Foretelling of his death
    • His crucifixion
  • Foretelling of the kingdom to come

How do the parables work to support these themes? In your introduction, take a moment to reflect on one or more of these themese, based on the parable you choose.



Your Paper

You will be writing a two-page, double spaced paper, with normal margins (1 inch). Please use 12 point font, and Times New Roman.


  • An Introduction (1 paragraph)
  • An analysis of the parable's meaning from your perspective (4-6 paragraphs)
    • WITH supporting evidence from 2 sources, plus any commentary you would like to include from your Anselm Bible or other biblical commentaries/scholarly resources. REMEMBER TO CITE all sources used, including your Bible (APA format).
  • A concluding paragraph

You may use 1-2 articles from the library databases (peer reviewed), your Anselm Bible, a resource from the reference area on the first floor of the library, or a print or ebook from the library. Direct Quotes and paraphrases are acceptable; however, no more than 30% of your paper should be direct quoates or paraphrases. 

Recommended Print Reference Sources:

  • Interpreters (or New Interpreters) Dictionary of the Bible (in reference: BS440 .N443 2006)
  • The Anchor Bible Dictionary (In reference: BS440 .A54 1992)

Recommended Online Reference Sources

Other Reources recommended by your faculty:


You can contact me at:

You can also reach out the to the reference desk - remember to tell the librarians helping you about this LibGuide

(800) 359-5945 (reference desk)