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Subject Guides - Other Important Links: Cannon Memorial's Mission Statement


Mission Statement

In supporting the university in its mission to encourage the learning, values and education of the whole person, Cannon Memorial Library has made its primary mission the cultivation of knowledge and critical thinking in our students within a learning community. It is our commitment to provide information, quality service and expertise to faculty, students and community patrons. Supporting the needs of a catholic, liberal arts-based university serving people of all faiths, our mission is grounded in the 1,500-year-old Benedictine tradition which recognizes the dignity, value and gifts of all people.

Saint Leo Libraries and Benedictine Values

Saint Leo University Libraries provide resources and services needed by Saint Leo University’s students, faculty, and staff pursuing their educational, professional, and/or institutional goals and seeking an understanding of themselves, their world and their Creator.

Library Faculty and Administrators with the aid of Library Staff support general education and discipline-based instruction, as well as organizational and scholarly communication - all with the intention of helping individuals use information resources independently, critically, responsibly, and efficiently, in other words - expanding information literacy within the university community.

The Benedictine values on which this mission statement is based include:


The Libraries are committed to providing outstanding services and diverse collections that are essential for learning, that offer research assistance and information of the highest quality, and that foster the creation of new knowledge.


The Libraries seek to provide hospitable environments in their physical locations and online that encourage free and open inquiry and that nurture a sense of belonging, cultural awareness, and social responsibility.

The Libraries regard the dignity and intellectual pursuits of their internal and external community members as sacred, and as such will strive to treat with fairness and with compassion all that make use of the services and collections and all that work to provide them.

Personal Development
The Libraries maintain that the balanced development of the human person is what motivates and sustains in large part their mission. To that end the Libraries encourage and will continue to encourage professional development opportunities and continuing education for their faculty, staff, and administrators so that all possess their respective specialized skills to function in an increasingly complex environment.

Responsible Stewardship

The Libraries are and will continue to be resourceful with their budgets and acquisitions, and will optimize relationships with other libraries in the community, the states in which they are located, and nationally.

Collections and services, to ensure that they respond legally and consistently in word and deed to the privacy concerns, the changing instructional needs, and the reasonable organizational and scholarly demands of the university community.