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eBooks: 3. Read your eBook

Quick guide to accessing ebooks at the Cannon Memorial Library

Read your eBook

Welcome to your eBook!  You can navigate the eBook using the table of contents you see on this page.  If you want to look at the whole thing at once and just browse, just look on the left for a link that says "PDF Full Text" or "Read Online". 

This page will look different depending on the publisher of the eBook, but the differences are cosmetic.  The content of the book will always be the same, and the functions you need will always be there, you just might have to look in a slightly different place for them.


Most eBooks at the Cannon Memorial Library will always be available to you at any time.  

 However, due to obligations imposed by our eBook vendors, occasionally some of our eBooks will only be available to one or two students at a time.   If you are on the page for your eBook but are unable to read it, this may be the reason.   Somewhere on this screen it should indicate how many students can use the book at the same time.

For most books, access is unlimited:

For some books, it should say how many copies are available:

If no copies are available, we can assist you in finding other materials.