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eBooks: 2. View your eBook

Quick guide to accessing ebooks at the Cannon Memorial Library

View your eBook

Click "View Now" next to the orange circle to view the eBook you selected.  This will open a link or links below the orange circle.  Click one of the "View eBook" links to view your eBook.

Don't worry if there's more than one link there!  Just click on any one of the links.

EBooks are often purchased as parts of large collections bundled together to save time and money for libraries and students.  Sometimes an eBook will be part of more than one of these collections.  The webpage you see after you click "View eBook" might look different because it may come from a different eBook vendor, but the content of the book itself will always be the same.

Logging into library resources

You will have to login to your Saint Leo portal account to view any of our electronic resources such as eBooks or databases.  This is the same login you use for everything else at Saint Leo: your email, eLion, Learning Studio, etc. 

If you are not already logged in, you will be prompted to log in after you click "View eBook".  Enter your Saint Leo Portal user name and password. 

If you see a different screen you are not at the library login page.  You may already be logged in, an error may have occurred, or your portal account may not be working.  If you are unable to login to any Saint Leo resources, try resetting your password.