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Rebus: Where Words and Images Meet: Theology - Catholicism

In the world of the Arts and Sciences, we value words and things. And we value the interplay of both to gain meaning, insights, and new perspectives. Though we offer no puzzles here, in this inaugural edition of REBUS, we do offer various observations on

Water in Catholic Sacaments by Dr. David Lloyd

Through water comes life, and in Catholic practice, God instructs the Church to offer the gift of spiritual healing through water. The final healing, regeneration, and transformation will only come after death, but for now, water is used to invite all people into the Church. Water in the Eucharist then helps to nourish the Church and draw the community into greater unity with Christ. But water also functions as a fundamental symbol of Christian service and self-sacrifice to the world.

In two of its central sacraments, the Catholic Church follows Jesus' teaching and utilizes water as a substance of invitation and spiritual nourishment.


A Model to Follow: Water in Catholic Sacraments

1. This article identifies the Catholic use of water as a symbol of communion between God and human beings. Please describe similar or different ideas of water's use in sacred or secular traditions with which you are faimliar.


2. Identify one idea in the article which was surprising or interesting to you. Explain.