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In the world of the Arts and Sciences, we value words and things. And we value the interplay of both to gain meaning, insights, and new perspectives. Though we offer no puzzles here, in this inaugural edition of REBUS, we do offer various observations on



Creative and Editorial Board of Rebus

Art Director: Valerie Kasper

Editor: Mary T. Spoto

Faculty Council: Jess Jones, Valerie Kasper, Allyson Marino, Janis Prince, Stephen Okey, Chris Snead, Shawn Weatherford

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REBUS is published by The School of Arts and Sciences and The Faculty Council School of Arts and Sciences

PO Box 6665, MC 2127

Saint Leo, Florida 33574

Mary T. Spoto, Dean


Special Thanks to Our Contributors

Brian Camp

Jim Hughson

Daniel Lloyd

Chris Miller

Eileen O'Brien

Leo Ondrovic

Heather Parker

Marc Pugliese

Gianna Russo

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