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MGT 301 MGT 320 and GBA 105: Business Plans and SWOT: Article Databases

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Data & Reports Search

Target your search to reports with data on companies, industries and markets.


Important note: There are more search options and limits after the Search button which follows this note. Another Search button and Clear Form link are available at the end of the page, after the display options.

Data/report types to include:
    • Company profiles
    • Annual reports
    • Articles (profiles/case studies)
    • Industry reports
    • Market reports
    • Articles

Lexis Nexis - Company Information

Company Dossier on LexisNexis Academic

For information on enhancements to Company Dossier, visit our Company Dossier Enhancements 2010 page.

An extremely important tool in Business Research is LexisNexis Company Dossier, which you will find in the Business Tab of LexisNexis Academic. Dossier lets you search a company by name, ticker symbol, or D-U-N-S® number. You can also restrict your search by company type, city, state/province or country. From this form, find a wealth of information including headquarters locations, SEC filings, and executive hierarchies. LexisNexis Company Dossier delivers easy-to-read profiles of over 43 million companies worldwide and information on 1,000 industries to your desktop in just seconds. It helps you identify potential new clients, understand a company’s brands and trademarks, access detailed financial and recent litigation information, and more.

LexisNexis Dossier allows you to browse in-depth company profiles and industry reports with the best intelligence available through LexisNexis® services. Content includes:

Company information 
Business directories, Hoover’s® company information, ICC financial information, the MERGERSTAT® database, SEC filings, Standard & Poor’s® corporate information, and more. When you research a particular company, you will also find their particular NAICS and SIC codes on the company profile.

Intellectual property information
U.S. patents, trademarks, and copyrights

The past two years of news from thousands of global publications and same-day news from more than 85 publications

Legal information 
Cases (most recent 12 months), CourtLink® Strategic Profiles, Martindale-Hubbell® Law Directory information, Mealey’s™ newsletters

Look at the links to the right of the main form for forms on SEC Filings, Company Profiles, Country Profiles, and Accounting. You can also create a comparative list of up to five companies.

LexisNexis Company Dossier External Links

Company Dossier Content 
Company Dossier Overview 
Company Dossier At-A-Glance 

Other Company Information on LexisNexis Academic

SEC Filings

Use the SEC Filings form located under the Business tab in LexisNexis Academic to search the following Securities and Exchange Commission formsfiled by corporations

  • SEC Form 8-K (Significant Events)
  • SEC Form 10-K (Annual Reports)
  • SEC Form 10-Q (Quarterly Reports)
  • SEC Form 20-F (Registration statement)
  • SEC Annual Reports to Shareholders
  • SEC Online Database
  • SEC Proxy Statements
  • SEC Exhibits
  • Form 4 (Statement of changes in beneficial ownership of securities)
  • Form 144 (Notice of proposed sale of securities)
  • SEC Prospectuses
  • SEC Registration Statements

Company Profiles

Use the Company Profiles form to search over a dozen company directories, including:

  • Access Disclosure
  • America's Corporate Finance Directory
  • Experian Business Reports
  • Hoover's Company Records
  • CoreData US Institutional Database
  • Nelson's Public Company Profiles
  • Standard & Poor's Corporate Register

Note on Finding DUNS, CUSIP, and Tickers

Most of the directories listed above include the stock market ticker symbol for each company listed. The Standard & Poor's Corporate Register is your best source for all three company identifiers.

In the News

To find news about a company or industry, use the Advanced Options section of the main search form. There, use the "Add Index Terms" feature to access the SmartIndexing terms for industries and specific companies. Using index terms is far more accurate than doing a free text search on the company name. In the People index, you will find terms for many high-profile corporate executives, allowing you to search for stories on them as well.

Additional Sources

Browsing under the Sources tab you will find folders for "Companies & Organizations" and "Industries & Markets" which will lead you to hundreds of additional sources, including:

  • Mergerstat M&A Database
  • Hoover's Industry Snapshots
  • Bankruptcy DataSource
  • Company directories from around the world
  • Hundreds of industry and trade periodicals

Business Source - EBSCO