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UE: HTY 110HA: Immigration: The Changing Face of America: Power Point Presentation Assignment

This is University Exploration that explores the history of immigration process in America


Little Italy, New York City

Power Point Presentation Assignment

HTY 110HA Presentation Project Instructions


Using approved guidelines for conducting simple Internet research, choose one immigrant or refugee group and prepare an audio-narrated PowerPoint presentation about the group.


You may not choose the following groups that have already been covered extensively within the modules: Irish, Germans, Jews, Chinese


Your presentation must include slides that include the following information:


1.    Images/visuals for each slide in the form of:

·         Photos (Required)

·         Maps  (Required)

·         Charts

·         graphs

2.    An introduction your group and an overview of its place of origin.

3.    Push and Pull factors that affected your chosen group

4.    Skills and assets of this group

5.    Liabilities of this group

6.    Early settlement patterns of the group

7.    Occupations in which this group was concentrated

8.    Challenges this group faced

9.    Settlement patterns and experiences of this group in American society today

10. Use your critical thinking skills to answer the following question:

·         Based on your research, would you say that your chosen group has attained the “American Dream?” In other words, has America been a “Promised Land” for your group? Why or why not?




1.    Slides must not be covered with paragraphs of writing. Include only short phrases (bullets) and images/visuals. You should explain the content of each slide with your voice, rather than with writing.


2.    Do not read from your notes when recording your presentation. Your words should flow smoothly as though you are speaking to someone rather than reading mechanically from your notes. Try to be animated when you speak rather than speaking in a monotone. Try to engage your listener and keep him or her interested in what you