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PSY 110: Psychological Well-Being: Popular Psychology

This LibGuide will provide information and resources on the Compare & Contrast Critique assignment for PSY 110 HA.


Parkland, FL School Shooting in the Media (Feb. 2018)

Video Games & Violence

Examples of media sources discussing the potential relationship between video games and violence:

What is Popular Psychology? ("Pop psych")


Psychological or pseudopsychological counseling, interpretations, concepts, terminology, etc., often simplistic or superficial, popularized by certain personalities, magazine articles, television shows, advice columns, or the like, that influence the general public.


Beliefs about psychology, and about ways of applying psychology which are not based on science.


The term "pop psychologist" can be used to describe authors, consultants, lecturers and entertainers who are widely perceived as being psychologists, not because of their academic credentials, but because they have projected that image or have been perceived in that way in response to their work.


Examples of Popular Psychology Magazines

  To search for an article in the magazines above, follow these steps:   

  • In EBSCO use Academic Search Complete - Click on the link below
  • Login with your SLU user name and password
  • Click on "Academic Search Complete"
  • Click on  "Advanced Search" (in blue, under basic search box)
  • In the first box, enter:   JN "Psychology Today" (or a different magazine title)
  • *** Be sure to use "quotation marks" around the magazine title
  • Enter your keyword (s) in 2nd & 3rd search boxes
  • Do not click on "Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals
  • Click on the "Search" button

Additional Resources for Popular Psychology

TV Shows***News Outlets***Websites

When searching for websites on your topic, check the "authority:"  Who is the author or organization sponsoring the website?

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