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CRM: Creating and running a police department: Strategies for developing your Project

This capstone course is designed to synthesize the information and insights from the other courses in the criminology curriculum.

Groups and Roles

If working in a group:

  1. Post a request for a partner on the message board in the area specified “Looking for a Partner.”
  2. Begin holding cyber meetings to discuss strategy for project
  3. Email the professor with the name(s) of students that are working in a group by the end of week one.

The Information Search Process

Locating information takes time.

  • Plan
    • How much time might this project take?
      • Estimate the time based on the questions below
    • What are the resources you need?
      • Are they readily available?
      • Should you ask for help from the library?
      • If you get stuck, should you seek guidance from your professor or from ___________?
    • What questions do you need to answer? (SEE SYLLABUS AND ASSIGNMENT)
      • What might be the best approach to answering them?
        • Interview a current or retired police chief?
        • Review current budgets and plans of a specific town?
        • Review census information?
  • Prioritizing
    • How can you use your time most efficiently?
    • Are you working alone or in a group?

Critical Task List

Critical Task List

Explain the different organizations that make up a police department

Define the various components of a police department and describe the organizational structure.

Explain how a police agency is formed.

Develop a Mission Statement for a police department

Define the description of services that are needed within a police department

Establish the different sections that will be needed to be a comprehensive law enforcement agency.

Develop a strategic plan for each division or group within a police department to include the sub-divisions--the strategic plan should include the performance objectives of each division and sub-division and each of their components

Define what positions are required for a police department

Describe where each position will report to internal and external to the police department

Develop an organizational chart for a police department

Explain within the organizational chart where each division and sub-division will be located inside a police department

Develop a chain of command system within the organizational chart of a police department

Determine the number of sworn and non-sworn personal needed for a police department and identify the minimum standards for each position within a police department and then identify the salaries and associated benefits for each position.

Develop a procedure and policy manual for all policies by identifying the different types of procedures and standard operating procedures needed to include the various policies needed for each separate division or section.

Develop a budget for a police department and define what items will be purchased in the first year

Describe in detail which division will be responsible for the budget and process.