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CRM: Creating and running a police department: Locating Information

This capstone course is designed to synthesize the information and insights from the other courses in the criminology curriculum.

Recommended Resources in EBSCO

You can start searching for articles and resources right here (be patient, this may take a minute to load):

EBSCO Criminal Justice Research databases
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Other Resources to Use

You can, as a group or individually, contact the library for a one-on-one consultation. If you wish to ask for me, please call me extention, or email me; see my contact information at right.

  • Think about interviewing a current or former police chief
  • Think about interviewing an HR person employed by a corrections facility OR police department
    • Staffing formulas are availlable -- search EBSCO using search box above
  • Search for police budgets -- you can use them as a frame of reference -- just make sure the numbers correlate or scale up or down as needed.
    •  Search terms might include: ____(town)_______ police department budget