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UE: SOC 110HA: McDonaldization of Society: Other sources

LibGuide for the University Explorations course "The McDonaldization of Society"

What can I find here?

This is a list of newspaper, magazine and other non-peer-reviewed materials mentioned in the textbook, organized by chapter. Some are available online, some are available through the Cannon Memorial Library.

1: Introduction to McDonaldization

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"Stylish, Swedish, 60-ish ; Ikea's a global phenomenon - a homewares behemoth founded by a Swedish farmer's son when he was just 17. Shortly to celebrate its 60th birthday and with the first Welsh store due in November, we've self-assembled 60 facts about Ikea (and we didn't even need the instructions)...:" Western Mail, May 20:

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2: The Past, Present, and Future of McDonaldization

Pace, Eric. 1994. "William Levitt, 86, Pioneer of Suburbs, Dies." New York Times, January 29:

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Bittman, Mark. 2011. "Is Junk Food Really Cheaper?" New York Times, September 21:

3: Efficiency and Calculability

Stout, Hillary. 2013. "For Shoppers, Next Level of Instant Gratification." New York Times, October 8:

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Schoettler, Carl. 1998. "Examining the pull of the poll; The practice of polling proliferates, even as politicos and the public deny the surveys matter." Baltimore Sun, October 11:

4: Predictability and Control

Helfand, Duke. 2009. "A super-sized way to worship; California has more megachurches than any other state, with the majority in suburbs between Los Angeles and San Diego." Los Angeles Times, October 11:

Salmon, Jacqueline L. and Hamil R. Harris. 2007. "Reaching Out With the Word -- and Technology; As Area Congregations Grow, Churches Build Satellite Sites, Televise Sermons." Washington Post, February 4:

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Gilbert, Matthew. 1997. "TV's cookie-cutter comedies Copycatting is the hottest thing going on network TV, producing media wallpaper along the interminable electronic hallway." Boston Globe, October 19:

Beyer, Andrew. 1990. "Lukas Has the Franchise on Almighty McDollar." Washington Post, August 8:

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5: The Irrationality of Rationality

Jargon, Julie. 2006. "McD's Service Stalls at Drive-Through." Crain's Chicago Business, January 2:

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6: Dealing with McDonaldization

Bliss, Stasia. 2013. "Bolivia Rejects Fast-Food, Closes McDonald's, Why Don't We?" The Guardian, July 8:

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Reuters. 2009. "Two years after New York City declared war on artificial trans fats, nearly all city restaurants had successfully cut the artery-clogging fats from their menus, health officials reported Monday." July 20:

Diets In "Trans-Fat Ban Starts in California."

Deardoff, Julie. 2006. "


If McDonald's is serious, menu needs a makeover." Chicago Tribune, June 18:

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7: Globalization and the Possibility of the DeMcDonaldization of Society?

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