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PHI 346: Environmental Ethics: Solar Energy

Solar Energy

Solar thermal devices use direct heat from the sun, concentrating it in some manner to produce heat at useful temperatures. The modern solar industry began with the oil embargo of 1973-1974 and was strengthened with the second embargo in 1979. The growth of the solar industry during this period of fuel shortages and high prices (1974-1984) soared from 45 solar collector manufacturing firms to 225 firms. The solar market was helped during this period by government assistance, both Federal and State. Currently, solar thermal devices do everything from heating swimming pools to creating steam for electricity generation. [eia]


Solar Energy in California



NASA's Jupiter Spacecraft uses Solar Energy

Juno launch[NASA/JPL-Caltech]

NASA's Juno spacecraft is going to Jupiter powered by an electrical source seldom deployed in deep space: solar arrays ...  Juno is equipped with more than 18,000 solar cells. [Rebecca Regan, NASA's John F. Kennedy Space Center]

Solar Energy in Florida