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PHI 346: Environmental Ethics: Natural Gas -- Hydraulic Fracturing

About Hydraulic "fracking"

Hydraulic fracturing is a controversial drilling process that uses highly pressurized water, sand and chemicals to extract natural gas and oil deeply buried in the earth. ...

  • Hydraulic fracturing fluids are known to include toxic and carcinogenic chemicals.
  • There are numerous documented cases of environmental and public health impacts as a result of fracturing.
  • Companies involved in this process do not disclose the chemical constituents of their fracturing fluids.
  • Fracturing requires and has the potential to contaminate enormous quantities of water. In some cases the statistics around actual water used are confidentail for the first 6 months (Wyoming)
  • Hydraulic fracturing operations have significant quality of life impacts-from the creation of a spider web of new roads, to increased traffic and noise pollution, to the increased potential for spills-on the communities where they operate.
  • Drillers are not regulated under the Safe Drinking Water Act, the Clean Water Act and the Clean Air Act.

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