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Advanced Search using Case or Law Citation

You can retrieve cases by citation or title. You can also retrieve statutes and regulations by citation.

Retrieving a Case by Citation

Most cases have a unique identifying citation, typically consisting of the volume number, the abbreviated name of the print reporter and the page number on which the case is found.

  • EX: to retrieve the case Bush v. Gore, 121 S. Ct. 525 (2000), type 121sct525 in the searchbox
  • Ex: locate Miller v Alabama. Type 132sct2455  in the searchbox

Retrieving a Case by Title

  • If you know the title of a case, you can retrieve it using the names of the parties listed in the title.
  • For example, to retrieve Bush v. Gore, type bush V gore in the searchbox

Retrieving a Statute or Regulation by Citation

  • To retrieve the statute 42 U.S.C.A. § 1983, type 42usca1983in the text box.
  • To retrieve volume 65 of the Federal Register, page 81082, type 65fr81082.


Tap or Click on History


1. Jackson V State

What are some similarities to Miller V Alabama?

Why are these other cases in the History for Miller V Alabama?

Key Cite

KeyCite provides information such as

  • direct appellate history of cases and administrative decisions
  • negative citing references for cases and administrative decisions
  • citations to cases, administrative materials, secondary sources, and briefs and other court documents on Westlaw that have cited a case, statute, or administrative decision, or regulation
  • complete integration with the West Key Number System so you can track legal issues discussed in a case
  • citations to session laws or rules amending or repealing a statute or regulation
  • citations to proposed legislation affecting federal or state statutes

KeyCite Status Flags

KeyCite is West's citation research service, which helps you determine whether your case, statute, administrative decision, or federal regulation is good law and find cases and other sources that cite it.

red flag

In cases and administrative decisions, a red flag warns that the case or administrative decision is no longer good law for at least one of the points of law it contains. In statutes and regulations, a red flag indicates that the statute or regulation has been amended by a recent session law or rule, repealed, superseded, or held unconstitutional or preempted in whole or in part.

yellow flag

In cases and administrative decisions, a yellow flag warns that the case or administrative decision has some negative history but hasn’t been reversed or overruled.

In statutes and regulations, a yellow flag indicates that the statute has been renumbered or transferred by a recent session law; that an uncodified session law or pending legislation affecting the statute is available (statutes merely referenced, i.e., mentioned, are not marked with a yellow flag); that the regulation has been reinstated, corrected, or confirmed; that the statute or regulation was limited on constitutional or preemption grounds or its validity was otherwise called into doubt; or that a prior version of the statute or regulation received negative treatment from a court.