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IDS 340: Haunted Britain: Module 6

Late 19th Century England

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Schedule and Links

October 29, Wednesday

Turn of the Screw trials

October 31, Friday

Damsels in Distress and Ghouls in Art. Take home exam assigned.

November 3, Monday

A Christmas Carol (Stave One) by Charles Dickens. Take home exam due.

November 5, Wednesday

English and Scottish Christmas Traditions

November 7, Friday

A Christmas Carol (Staves Two and Three) by Charles Dickens

November 10, Monday

A Christmas Carol (Staves Four and Five) by Charles Dickens

November 12, Wednesday

A Christmas Carol, Stave Five, and Victorian Art. 

November 14, Friday

Victorian Art 

November 17, Monday

Student Presentations on Songs

Aiken Readings