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IDS 340: Haunted Britain: Module 3

19th Century Scotland

Dugald Stewart Monument, Edinburgh

For fun...

A terrific film set in gritty and opulent London about the Scientific Revolution and the Great Fire of 1666. An absolute must-see!

An aspiring young physician, Robert Merivel finds himself in the service of King Charles II. Merivel joins the King's court and lives the high life provided to someone of his position. Merivel is ordered to marry one of the King's mistresses in order to divert the suspicions of another one of his mistresses. He is given one order by the king and that is not to fall in love. The situation worsens when Merivel finds himself in love with his new wife. Eventually, the King finds out and relieves Merivel of his position and wealth. His fall from grace leaves Merivel where he first started. Through his travels and reunions with an old friend, he rediscovers his love for true medicine and what it really means to be a physician.


Schedule and Links

September 17, Wednesday

Overview of English and Scottish Art and Architecture 1500-1800

September 19, Friday

"The Tapestried Chamber," Sir Walter Scott. Location Essay due.

September 22, Monday

Castles, Country Estates and Travel

Bryant Readings: Sharpe

September 24, Wednesday

"The Body Snatcher," Robert Louis Stevenson

September 26, Friday

The Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment in Scotland

Bryant Readings: Elliott and Harkness

September 29, Monday

"Ticonderoga: A Legend of the West Highlands," Robert Louis Stevenson

October 3, Wednesday: Exam 2

Aiken Readings

Bryant Readings

Castles of Scotland