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Presidential Campaigns in U.S. History: Thomas Dewey


1948: The Great Truman Surprise

1948 election map

 Courtesy of American Presidency Project

RED: Republican: Thomas Dewey - the favorite before the election, Dewey managed 189 electoral college votes, and 45.1% of the popular vote
BLUE: Democratic: Harry S. Truman - garnered 303 electoral college votes, and 49.5% of the popular vote
YELLOW: States Rights party: Strom Thurmond barely registered with the electoral college vote (39) or the popular vote 2.4%, but went on to become the longest serving Senator in U.S. history when he retired, reaching age 100 while in office.

Dewey on the Campaign Trail


Truman holding paper

 The most famous incorrect Newspaper Headline is believed to be linked to this presidential election, when the Chicago Daily Tribune printed a newspaper that anticipated Truman's defeat by Dewey. Truman gleefully held the paper aloft after his victory was announced.