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UE: MUS 110 OL: Spirituals to Rock 'n Roll (M. Rodriguez): What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism Defined

So, what is Plagiarism and why is it important to Avoid?

  • Not giving proper credit to creators of the information you are using. (General plagiarism).
  • Re-using a paper from one class for another. (Self-plagiarism).
  • Tying together information 'creatively' from many sources and then calling it your own work. Paraphrasing. (Mosaic plagiarism).
  • Not carefully citing information that is not your own (Accidental plagiarism).

Students at Saint Leo University who plagiarize may be reported. This could mean expulsion from the course and/or the University. It is regarded as stealing and goes against core values and academic standards. 

Take some time to read Librarian Professor Christine Woods' helpful page on plagiarism--take the tutorial and quiz: 

Professor Christine Woods' Plagiarism Page