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HON 261: Living with Climate Change in an Era of Uncertainty: Welcome

A multidisciplinary study of climate change: its causes and implications for both humans and the natural world. This course will draw from multiple disciplines to redefine the environmental, social, economic, political and ethical problems.



The Saint Leo University Library has a world-class library with all of the resources you need for your assignments that require research.  

Each student will write a 9–10-page research paper on the preparation for and/or impacts of Hurricane Ian on Florida. See complete details in the course syllabus. 

Potential research topics:

  • Was Florida Prepared for Hurricane Ian?

  • Why did some counties have mandatory evacuations while others did not?

  • Governor DeSantis Response to Ian in light of climate change?

  • Will Sea Walls Protect Florida from Rising Sea Levels?

  • Is Gulf Coast Florida Susceptible to Tropical Storm Damage?

  • Tropical Storm Prediction: Is it Accurate?

  • Should Florida Focus on Adaptation or Mitigation to Climate Change?

  • Florida’s Unique Vulnerability to Sea Level Rise

  • How Much Money is Needed for Florida to Adapt to Climate Change in the 21st Century?

  • How Much Money is Needed for Florida to Mitigate Climate Change in the 21st Century?

  • Carbon Sequestration: How Much and How Fast?

  • Solar and Wind Energy: How Much Can They Help Mitigate Future Climate Change?

  • How Well Developed is Florida’s Disaster Planning for Future Storms?

  • Post Disaster Monitoring

  • Pre-storm Monitoring

  • Community Involvement in Storm Preparation

  • What is the Role of Geoengineering in Preventing Damage from Storms?


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