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HUS 498: Senior Seminar in Human Services: Journal Article Report Assignment

A capstone course designed to integrate previous course work in human services. Through readings, written assignments, and oral presentations, students demonstrate their ability to integrate theory with human services practice and administration. Previous


Journal Article Report

  • Students are to read and report on professional journal articles.
  • Articles should be chosen because they relate to the needs and concerns of clients in their field placement setting. The research should enhance the students' knowledge of professional literature.
  • The Journal of Human Services is suggested.
  • Students should find relevant articles discussing current intervention techniques, theories, and models that deal with the type of client issues encountered in the field placement setting.
  • Students should also consider articles that deal with advocacy and policy issues affecting the clients served such as homelessness, lack of health care, poverty, or inadequate education.
  • Students will share their findings with the class in a short presentation on each journal article.
  • Consider whether the Saint Leo Core Value of Respect relates to each article.
  •  Reports are to be written in an APA paper format. 
  • The paper will be graded on writing style, organization, grammar and spelling, and use of in-text citations with a reference page.