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ENG 121: Academic Writing I - Rhetorical Writing (Dr. Sweeney Postle): Home

Goals for Our Session

Three Objectives for Today:

  1. Understand the importance of citing scholarly sources.  The number three
  2. Locate scholarly articles in EBSCO.
  3. Create a correct MLA citation



The ACRL (Association of College and Research Libraries) a segment of our main professional organization, ALA (American Library Association) has created frameworks for library instruction.

The one we are focusing upon today is Information Has Value

  • Recognize that citing ideas correctly is important. We need to give proper credit to others' ideas. RESPECT.
  • Understand that we are not just bystanders of knowledge, we are contributors. 
  • Notice the time and attention it takes to prepare quality work. 


Your Mission ( should you choose to accept it)

Rhetorical Situation 4 

As part of your plagiarism awareness training class you are now enrolled in after your paper was identified as plagiarized, you must write an essay, supported by sources from the library’s databases, on the topic of academic dishonesty and its prevalence as well as its consequences in the academic and the professional field. Write a comprehensive introduction to this essay, complete with the thesis statement in which you make an explicit point about plagiarism, citing at least one peer-reviewed academic source from the databases and including all sources on the Works Cited page.  As you compose this introduction, keep in mind the conventions of this type of writing, the audience’s expectations, the details expected in and relevant to an introduction.