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LBS 201 - Critical Thinking Lib Studies - McCabe 2022: MLA Resources

Course readings with additional tools for research and writing.

MLA 8e Template

MLA Template

Click the above link to download an editable MLA template. 

 This template follows basic MLA guidelines. However, as always,  follow your professor's instructions should they differ from this  template.


MLA Sample Papers

Sample MLA Papers



Click here to view a sample paper produced by Purdue OWL.






     Click here to view sample papers provided by the MLA.


MLA Help

MLA Handbook

MLA Handbook

Publisher's Summary: "The Modern Language Association, the authority on research and writing, takes a fresh look at documenting sources in the eighth edition of the MLA Handbook."


Click here to view this item in the library's catalog.             

How to Format an MLA Paper

Basic MLA Format Video

View this video (designed by Alexander Clarkson) for a tutorial on formatting a paper according to MLA style.

How to Format an MLA Works Cited Page

How to Format an MLA Works Cited Page

View this video (designed by Prof. Amy Harris, Saint Leo University) for a tutorial on formatting an MLA Works Cited page.

How to Format Hanging Indents Tutorial Video

Online Citation Support

Online Citation Support