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LBS 201 - Critical Thinking Lib Studies - McCabe 2022: Readings for Class

Course readings with additional tools for research and writing.

Module 1 - Readings

Module 1:

  • Seeing” -  Dillard, Annie, and Gloria Adelson. Pilgrim at Tinker Creek. First U.S. ed., Harper's Magazine Press, 1974.

Module 2

Module 2:

Module 3

Module 3:

  • “Eden by Wire: Webcameras and the Telepresent Landscape” You will be prompted to enter Saint Leo login and password, and then will be directed to Ken Goldberg's collection of essays, The Robot in the Garden. "Eden by Wire", by Thomas J. Campanella, is Chapter 2.
  • "A Sneaky Way Social Media is Warping Body Image" by Charlotte Markey

Module 4

Module 4:

Module 5

Module 5:

Module 6

Module 6:

Module 7

Module 7: 

Module 8

Module 8: