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ENG 110: How to Write Well (Harman, FA2021): Time Management

What to do with Limited Time

Managing your time well makes you successful.

  • Set Goals and then work on them.
    • Is the goal important to you?
    • Why are you doing it?
    • How do you plan to succeed?
  • Don't procrastinate - putting things off just piles them up!
    • Start with the things that you dislike the most - get it over with.
  • Prioritize your readings and assignments based on due dates.
  • Do the right things well


Steven Covey's "To Do List"

Due Soon Due Later
Important        1     2
Not Important      3


Notice that you should do the IMPORTANT things first, even if one of them is due later, because if you fall behind for some reason, the chances of not doing something important increases.